Model Call

A Model Call is just like a regular boudoir session, however, the session fee is waived in exchange for a signed full image release and I also include two social media sized images of my choice as a thank you.

Because boudoir photography is intimate and personal, it’s not uncommon for women to wish to keep their images private. So I offer model calls just a few times a year to give me the opportunity to show other women what kind of images they can expect from a session with Flights of Time Studios. It also gives me the chance to try out new sets, ideas and shooting techniques.

Here are some FAQ about model calls.

Q: How will I know I have been chosen?

A: I reach out to every person who fills out the application via email after I have reviewed all the applications. You can generally expect to hear back within 1 week of your application submission.

Q: Do I get any free photos?

A: Yes, you will receive 2 social media sized images of the photographers choice. The model call also includes hair and makeup. This exprience is valued at over $500!

Q:When will I get to see my photos?

A: You will get to see them and order your gorgeous products the same day as your session!

Q: If I am chosen but not able to participate, can I give my session to someone else?

A: If you are unable to participate, we will move on to the next applicant

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: I do offer several options for payment plans as well as accept PayPal credit. You will want to go through PayPal’s application process several days prior to your session as it sometimes takes a little time to be approved.

Q: Is the only day to purchase photos the same day as my session?

A: Yes photos must be purchased the day of your photo session. All photos not used by the photographer will be deleted immediately following your viewing and ordering session.

If you are interested in being part of this model call, please fill out the application below. I look forward to getting to know you!