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WSU vs. OSU Football

WSU Homecoming Football Game vs. OSU   These images were taken mostly for my own practice but a lot of them came out pretty good so I thought I would share.

4th of July 2015

This year I was determined to get some firework images.  I used longer exposures to capture these interesting images.  It was hard to hold still as I wasn’t using a tripod (but will next time) but some of my movements actually added to the overall image.  There was very little editing done to these images and most of them are displayed as they were … Read More 4th of July 2015

Jon & Lindsy’s Wedding

I never thought I would be interested in wedding photography.  I had been in enough weddings to know just how chaotic and challenging they can be, especially for the photographer.   When I was approached by Lindsy asking if I would be willing to do the photos for her wedding I admit I was a little flattered but also terrified.  I didn’t know if … Read More Jon & Lindsy’s Wedding

A 1 year follow up session

I had the opportunity to do a follow up 1 year old photo session with the little lady from my first newborn session.  It’s amazing to how much they have grown in a year!   1 year olds, I discovered are a whole other ball game when it comes to photo sessions.  My inspiration for this session was simply vibrant and fun.  I discovered … Read More A 1 year follow up session

My 2nd Official Newborn Photo Session

This was my second newborn photo session.  I did have some time to practice with my own baby girl between my first and second session but I am very pleased with the results and the growth I see in my own skills in using my equipment and my editing skills. This little lady is June.  I photographed her at about 10 days old.  She … Read More My 2nd Official Newborn Photo Session

My first official newborn photo session

This little lady was my first official newborn portrait session what I did in 2014.  Her mom, a dear friend of mine, graciously let me practice posing and setting my compositions with her brand new 14 day old baby girl.   I learned several things pretty quickly.  Babies don’t always sleep when you want them to and they don’t always like being dressed up … Read More My first official newborn photo session

This is a family photo session I did of my brother in law and his family.  My goal was to find find the optimal setting for the lighting situation.  I discovered why overcast days are much easier to find the sweet spot in settings.  My favorite image is the last one where my brother in law throwing his son up in the air.  I … Read More

In the beginning… This is a place where I will be posting some of my more fantastic pictures.  Every picture will have a description of what it is or what is happening and why I took it.   To begin my photography blog, I thought it only fitting that I start with a picture of my heart.   This picture is a favorite of mine … Read More