Get in the frame!

One of the things I want to look back on when my kids are grown is pictures of all of us together.  That means I need to get in the picture frame sometimes too.

I get it.  It’s not always easy and being a photographer it’s especially hard to get in front of the camera so I HAVE to make a conscious effort to put myself there.

Investing in professional photos is such a worthy investment because life runs at the speed of light with my kids and I swear they change in the blink of an eye.  When I am old and my kids are off living their beautiful lives,  I want to be able to sit down and look back at my life through pictures and remember my kids at every stage of their growing up years and relive those beautiful moments and enjoy the feelings they bring me.

Sure, getting pictures done is an investment in time and finances, but the payback is high.  Having stunning photos to reminisce over and share with future generations is SO worth it.  And bonus, someone does all that hard work for you and you get to sit back and enjoy the experience.  I myself, have a family session scheduled for my family this summer and I am so looking forward to having beautiful pictures that capture my girls at this moment in time and how much we love being together as a family.

I challenge you Mommas, get in the frame!  Whether it’s a cellphone snapshot or professional pictures, no-make up and pjs or dressed to the nines!  Our children and grandchildren will cherish those images long after were gone.

So this is me getting in the frame with my girls!  Guiding my husband through all the steps to capture this even after I got the settings adjusted makes me SO glad I have a professional doing them for us this summer.  But regardless of the effort to get this picture, it’s one of my favorites and I am so glad I got in front of the camera.


1 thought on “Get in the frame!

  1. Pascale Turner says:

    Incredible! I love how you wrote, so simple but at the same time so true. Everyday, I feel so lucky to have such a stable and loving family like yours that photography can only get for years to come.


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