What’s Happening at Flights of Time

After my youngest hit about 12 months our lives took on a busy season.  We decided to build a house and that become priority 1 for the next 12 months or so.  I only picked up my camera on request and have taken very few pictures of the girls together and Ianna has only about a half of the age documentation that Emmie did by 2.5.

So now that were moved in to our new house, I am ready to start picking things up again.  I also decided I wanted to get serious and actually start a photog business.  I have a mentoring group lined up and have been taking courses to learn my camera better and all the things that go along with being a photographer. So I have set a few goals this year.
My primary goal is to set-up and officially launch my business by January 2018.
I also want to get at least 3 paying sessions this year to help support the cost of my business start up.

I am very excited to be moving this direction and can’t wait to share what I capture with my followers.

I have taken some pictures of my girls using some of the techniques and editing methods I have learned in the last week.

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