My first official newborn photo session

This little lady was my first official newborn portrait session what I did in 2014.  Her mom, a dear friend of mine, graciously let me practice posing and setting my compositions with her brand new 14 day old baby girl.  
I learned several things pretty quickly.  Babies don’t always sleep when you want them to and they don’t always like being dressed up and accessorized.  They do love being warm and wrapped up tight.   Newborn sessions also take time and require lots of breaks.  I also learned that I LOVE working with infants.  
On a professional level, newborn photography will be my emphasis, but as you will see through my posts, my interests are not exclusive to newborns.  I have grown significantly since I conducted this newborn session and I have also obtained professional photo editing software that has greatly helped create the images I am looking for as I continually improve on my camera skills and knowledge.  

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